The Wolf and the Huntsman

Our lives are short, my friend, do not delay.
Two words, worth many books, I say again:
Enjoy yourself.—‘Why yes, I will.’—But when?
‘Tomorrow.’—Think, my friend: along the way
you may meet Death. Enjoy yourself today.
Take warning from the tale I now relate:
the Huntsman and the Wolf; beware their fate.

From Jean de la Fontaine’s Selected Fables, translated by Christopher Betts. Listen to fables read aloud.

Image: From Selected Fables. Used with permission.

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De cuando el escritor observa discretamente a las personas para crear sus personajes

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All of my Classics Valentine’s Day Challenge (day 1) cards in one convenient photoset. Gods what have I done? ~O 

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Men’s Hats

Headgear primarily for men that appeared at the end of the 19th century; it is made of stiff felt with a circular rounded crown and an upturned narrow brim.

Small round cap covering only the top of the head.

Stiff straw headgear with a flat brim of uniform width and an oval crown circled with a ribbon; it was worn at the end of the 19th century.

felt hat 
Soft hat with a dented crown that is adorned with a wide ribbon; it is made from a single piece and has a brim of uniform width.
brim - Part of the hat encircling the base of the crown.
bow - Point where the ends of the hatband are tied to trim the hat.
binding - Strip of fabric running along the edge of the hat.
hatband - Wide silk ribbon decorating the base of the crown.
crown - Part of the hat that fits on top of the head.

garrison cap 
Elongated brimless headgear with a soft flexible crown; it is worn over the brow and takes the shape of the head.

Soft headgear from the end of the 19th and the early 20th century; it is made from woven jipijapa leaves and has a dented crown circled with a ribbon.

Brimless, somewhat soft headgear that appeared at the end of the 19th century; it has a peak and a flat crown.

Fur hat that is native to Poland; it has ear flaps that can be turned up and tied on top of the head.

hunting cap 
Thick soft cap with a peak and ear flaps, which give protection against the cold.
peak - Part that juts out over the eyes to protect them.
ear flap - Flap that covers the nape of the neck and the ears to keep them warm; it can be turned up and held in place on top of the head.

top hat 
Stiff silk headgear with a high cylindrical crown circled with a ribbon and a narrow brim that is turned up at the sides; it was worn toward the end of the 18th century.

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